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Box of 10 KN95 RESPIRATOR (FFP2) SWITZERLAND ONLY. Delivered in 3 days max. Stock in Switzerland.

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Package contains 10 KN95 Masks (4.5 CHF each)

KN95 Respirator approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against non-oil based particles (N95,FFP2 standard).

This respirator reduces inhalation exposures to airborne biological particles

Protection class equivalent to EN149:2001 (FFP2) 

CE and FDA Certified

Lightweight construction

Design with padded nose metal frame helps in providing a secure seal with comfort


NOTICE: We have suspended the sale of our sunglasses (its OK, we were not selling much at the moment anyway) to provide quality, well priced N95 Respirators in a fast and secure way. Directly to your door, standing on BÆNDIT reputation and impeccable track record of customer satisfaction. We are putting the name of our brand behind this.


What’s more, in expectation of sunnier days to come with each purchase you will receive a 50% off code via mail for our sunglasses once this shitty virus fucks off and we are able to look at the sky again.



So, leveraging on our fantastic BÆNDIT sunglasses supply network in China and our offices and fulfilment center in Hong Kong we were able to shit to Switzerland a constant supply (for now)  of N95 Masks. Our manufacturers ship according to their MOQ to our office in Hong Kong where we do a final Quality Control and ship them To Switzerland, from there, directly to you in 2 days max!!


We only sell products that are physically in Switzerland and are able to be immediately (please account for 9 to 6 office hours) sent out with live tracking.


Please allow a day for packing and 2 Days for delivery :)


Again, we stand behind the delivery track record for our great BÆNDIT sunglasses (which we hope you will start to enjoy again as soon as they allow us to go back outside #socialdistancing).


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