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DB Cooper Unshakeable

DB Cooper Unshakeable

matte black frame / gold lens 2 unshakeable black temples sets
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About DB Cooper Unshakeable frame

Set Contains:  Frame, Lens, 2 sets of temples (black and yellow), Snake hinges, Neoprene case.

FRAME: TR90 memory polymer front frame with resistance up  to 620kg/cm2 and elastic properties to absorb impacts. It has a Third-eye Chakra pressure point system for extra strength and vision when needed. 

LENS: Custom cat 3 lens cast moulded specifically for BÆNDIT in Polycarbonate for extra strength and durability with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

REMOVABLE HINGES: TPEE unbreakable and modular double-snake hinge for perfect fit. 

TEMPLES: Each set comes with 2 pairs of UNSHAKEABLE™ Temples, black and yellow.

The Unshakable alloy core is thiner than the standard temples but also processed and engineered to reach exceptional reversible plasticity properties and thanks to an annealing process, extra resistance. While standard temples have limited range of mobility the Unshakeable™ temples allow for a 360 degree movement. An hyper resistance Thermoplastic polyester elastomers is injection molded with the alloy core to be permanently bonded. The special Thermoplastic copolyester provides the flexibility of rubber and the strength of plastic as well as the elastic capacity to follow the core in the deformation process.

This gives the UNSHAKEABLE™ the ability to maintain any shape, a property particularly useful when practicing sports that require maximum hold for your sunglasses, just wrap BÆNDIT to your ears and you are ready to go.

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