About Us

All ideas start with a disappointment. For us it was “foldable sunglasses”, while the concept of reducing in size an item that needs to be carried around all day is fantastic, there was a flaw. They fold leaving the lens on the outside, unprotected, effectively rendering the whole process futile. They cannot be carried in pockets or bags without having to bring an extra case to avoid annoying scratches. For normal sunglasses is even worse, lens are unprotected, they are space consuming and get in the way when not needed.

This got us thinking, what if the whole structure could transform at will to protect the delicate parts and adapt to various situations and needs? How could we make them them useful also when they are not on your face? Fully flexible and bendable eyewear structure was born, BÆND IT.

We then went a step further: could it be possible to make them modular too?

A revolutionary composite structure was conceptualized so that our eyewear can be separated and recombined in 5 pieces. 3 parts to allow the flexibility and 2 to carry the best lens in the market. After a year of engineering and testing BÆNDIT was finally born.

The modularity allows users to change colours and shapes to best fit your mood and style without having to buy multiple expensive sunglasses and the bendability keeps them right where you need them to be. Bændit, Revolution by Design.